January 12, 2021 | Number of The Day
Federal funding toward replacement of NJ’s most infamous drawbridge

The 110-year-old Portal Bridge has long been an impediment to the smooth flow of trains to New York City from New Jersey and beyond; a drawbridge over the Hackensack River and the bane of train riders, it regularly gets stuck in the open position, leaving trains to idle and travelers to fume. Despite the urgency, the project to replace the bridge for years has been hostage to disputes with federal authorities over exactly how it would be funded. But, finally, a resolution! On Monday, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration announced that New Jersey Transit will receive a Capital Investment Grant of $766.5 million toward a replacement bridge.

The total cost of the project, $1.888 billion, will also be shared by the state of New Jersey ($811 million), Amtrak ($261.5 million) and the Federal Highway Administration ($57.1 million).