See which side of the ‘digital divide’ your school district is on

Searchable graphic allows you to check whether your school district has the necessary computer devices and connectivity for remote learning

When Gov. Phil Murphy last week said that 40,000 New Jersey students still are without the necessary computer devices and connectivity for remote learning, it was meant as progress. After all, that number was nearly 10 times higher last spring.

But the digital divide remains stark in scores of districts, many of them low-income, according to the latest survey released by the state Department of Education this week.

And the gaps appear widest in communities that are relying the most on remote learning.

In East Orange, for instance, more than 6,000 students don’t have the necessary tools. Jersey City and Camden are each 2,000 students short. And even in upscale Montclair or Summit, the gap is nearly 1,000 students each.

NJ Spotlight News distilled the latest information into the following graphics that let you see how your district is doing.