How New Jersey voted in the 2020 election: The pictures

NJ Spotlight News | November 5, 2020 | NJ Decides 2020
A photo essay of our election by students from Montclair State University

Montclair State University students fanned out across New Jersey over several days to capture images of the 2020 election.

The students, who are in Professor Thomas E. Franklin’s photojournalism class at the School of Communication and Media, had as their assignment to visually report events related to the election and to publish a selection of their work on Instagram.

This is a sampling of their photographs. You can see much more on Instagram, under the hashtag #scm_photojournalism2020.

Credit: Kasey Coury/Montclair State University
LITTLE FALLS, Nov. 2, 2020: Democratic Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-11) held a rally, speaking to an audience mostly parked in their cars in Lot 60 at Montclair State University.
Credit: Joni Mae De Los Santos/ Montclair State University
UNION CITY, Nov. 3, 2020: Voters line up to drop off their ballots at the Blue Flame pizzeria. The back of the pizzeria was a polling location for residents in Ward 1.
Credit: Anton Specht/Montclair State University
CLIFTON, Nov. 3, 2020: Handing paperwork through a window at the Clifton Municipal Building to avoid risk of contracting COVID-19 while voting on Election Day.
Credit: Anton Specht/Montclair State University
CLIFTON, Nov. 3, 2020: A Passaic County resident places a ballot into the drop box at the Clifton Municipal Building on Election Day.
Credit: Joni Mae De Los Santos/Montclair State University
MONTCLAIR, Nov. 3. 2020: On Election Day, residents fill out their ballots at Nishuane Elementary School, one of eight polling places in the town.
Credit: Chad Morrison/Montclair State University
CLIFTON, Nov. 3, 2020: Voters wait their turn outside Elementary School 9 in Clifton on Election Day.
Credit: Kalimah White/Montclair State University
Montclair, Nov. 3, 2020: A voter waits inside the polling center at Edgemont School.
Credit: Kalimah White /Montclair State University
MONTCLAIR, Nov. 3, 2020: Residents fill out their ballots at the Montclair Municipal Building.
Credit: Drew Mumich /Montclair State University
TITUSVILLE, Nov. 1, 2020: Jim Worthington of the People4Trump organization leads Trump supporters in a march across the General Washington Memorial Bridge at Washington Crossing State Park in honor of George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware and in support of reelecting President Trump.
WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Nov. 3, 2020: Watching the results at a restaurant on election night