November 25, 2020 | Number of The Day
Percentage of New Jerseyans who say they are not staying home for Thanksgiving

Despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urging people to stay put for the holiday, millions of Americans are traveling to see family. The weekend was one of the busiest for airports since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and 18% of New Jerseyans on the move are going by plane. But, according to a survey by AAA, most New Jersey travelers (77%) plan to reach their destination by driving. Another 5% are using some other form of transportation (bus, train).

Still, the survey found that most New Jerseyans (88%) have decided to stay home for Thanksgiving. And COVID-19 factored large in people’s calculations, with 46% saying it influenced their decision. Traveling at this time is a risk, 85% said, while 34% viewed it as a significant risk.

AAA reminds those taking to the roads to plan their route, minimize the number of stops, pack meals, extra snacks and drinks in addition to an emergency roadside kit — including extra masks and wipes. The motoring organization has an interactive map with the latest COVID-19-related restrictions for all states at AAA.com/Covid19Map.