See where the drop boxes are. And how far New Jersey voters have to go

Still planning to use a ballot drop box? This map shows their location throughout New Jersey

With only five days until the general election and the US Postal Service advising that it may not be able to deliver ballots mailed from here on by Election Day, New Jerseyans have a network of secure drop boxes in every county where they can deposit their ballots.

There are 329 drop boxes spread throughout the state, with no fewer than 11 in every county. A voter can drop a ballot in any drop box within his county through 8 p.m. on Nov. 3. Many boxes are located outside public buildings, including town halls, county administration buildings and libraries. The boxes are accessible 24 hours a day and under constant video monitoring. With some exceptions, there is a box either in a town or a couple of towns away from most voters.

The map below shows the location of every drop box in the state, as well as some demographic information about the municipalities where they are located. The boxes are a popular way to vote, though not the only way.

For more information on returning your mail-in ballot, follow this link.

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