NJ Schools Reopen: What Districts Are Remote, In-Person or Hybrid?

[Updated: September 13, 2020] The latest list of New Jersey's public and private school reopening plans under COVID-19, in whatever form.
Credit: Phil Roeder via Creative Commons CC BY-ND 2.0
Keeping school buses free of COVID-19

As the school year gets fully underway, the Murphy administration is signing off on the last of the school reopening plans, a vast majority of them with all or some remote-learning components.

The state Department of Education on Friday released the latest list of all school districts, charter schools and specialized private schools that have been approved for reopening, including whether they’re taking a remote-learning, in-person or hybrid approach, which mixes both. Of the approximately 160 plans finalized in the last week, more than half were for all-remote instruction.

More than 770 of about 800 districts and other schools now are approved, with 395 following a hybrid path, 266 all-remote, 75 in-person and 35 are implementing different models on a school-by-school basis. The list remains fluid, however, with some districts changing plans as circumstances change with staff and parents. Still, it offers the state’s fullest accounting of its approvals as schools begin to open in earnest next week.

NJ Spotlight will continue to update the list as the state releases new information.