NJ Election 2020: Ballot questions

NJ Spotlight News | September 16, 2020 | NJ Decides 2020

New Jersey voters are being asked to weigh in on three questions on the general election ballot that would amend the state constitution.

Public Question #1 asks whether to allow for adult recreational use of marijuana. If this is approved, marijuana would be taxed and regulated by the same state commission that oversees the state’s medical cannabis program.

Public Question #2 asks whether to extend property-tax deductions to veterans who did not serve in wartime. If this is approved, veterans — and their widows or widowers — who served during peacetime would get a $250 tax deduction; those who were permanently disabled during peacetime military service would get a full property-tax exemption.

Public Question #3 asks whether to delay the redrawing of legislative district boundaries if the federal census count of the New Jersey population is delayed. If this is approved, the state would delay the reapportioning of legislative districts for two years anytime the U.S. Census Bureau does not provide data to the state by February 15 of the year after the decennial census.