September 24, 2020 | Number of The Day
Total number of firefighters in NJ

New Jersey’s firefighters — all 35,367 of them — should be counted among our heroes and essential workers not just when they’re battling a blaze, but every day of the year. According to the current stats from the DCA’s Division of Fire Safety, 28,320 of the state’s firefighters are volunteers, while roughly 7,390 are professionals. There are 1,417 female firefighters, with 3,279 minority members in the ranks.

The largest number of fire stations (132) are located in Bergen County, which has 1,139,920 residents spread over 253 square miles, and Monmouth, with a population of 787,616 dispersed over 409 square miles. The fewest stations (22) are found in Salem County. Their job is to protect 75,823 residents spread across 327 square miles.