August 3, 2020 | Number of The Day
NJ residents who aren’t getting enough to eat

It’s a grim number. According to Feeding America, 774,860 people are struggling with hunger in New Jersey; that translates into one in 11 residents. It’s also likely to go higher: The supplemental unemployment insurance subsidy ran out on Friday, and the coronavirus pandemic has cost a staggering number of people their jobs, many of which are not coming back, particularly as the COVID-19 surge is delaying the hoped-for reopening.

Meanwhile, 219,760 children are going hungry — that’s one in nine New Jersey kids.

Another way to put the problem in perspective: Feeding America estimates that the average cost of a meal in New Jersey is $3.34. Solving the hunger crisis for just one year would cost $437,705,000.

If you’re hungry or you know someone who is, Feeding America maintains an interactive tool that will show all nearby food pantries. All you need do is enter your ZIP code.