August 7, 2020 | Number of The Day
NJ residents who say they’d get a COVID-19 vaccination for themselves and their children if one were available

According to a new national report on COVID-19 and public attitudes about vaccination, 61% of New Jerseyans would vaccinate themselves and their children against the coronavirus. That’s slightly below the national average: 66% of American adults say they would protect themselves and their children with a vaccination if one were available. Unfortunately, that may not be enough: Research suggests that 70% to 90% of the population would have to be protected to achieve herd immunity, the point at which the spread of infections like COVID-19 can be kept under control (and eventually decline) even if not everyone is protected.

In New Jersey, 16% of respondents said they’re unlikely to be vaccinated; 22% said they were neither likely nor unlikely.

The report is the work of Rutgers University-New Brunswick, Northeastern, Harvard and Northwestern universities.