July 24, 2020 | Number of The Day
New Jersey communities in top 10 nationally for fast internet service

Internet speed is often a bone of contention between providers and their customers. Since the coronavirus lockdowns, however, it has become a critical issue for many households — with parents working from home and kids trying to learn online, all at the same time, dreading the “buffering” that comes with slow internet service.

Having completed millions of speed tests, analysts at HighSpeedInternet.com have ranked the states for fastest and slowest internet. Tops for speed comes Maryland at 84.1 megabits per second (Mbps), followed by Delaware (80.9) and then New Jersey (76.3). Alaska is way behind, averaging a snail’s pace of 20.6 Mbps. Not far ahead of it are Montana (30.1) and Maine (30.8).

Next, the analysts looked at internet speed in cities. They gave the top slot to Whitestone, New York (138.4), followed by Elkridge, Maryland (114) and Merrick, New York (112). Two New Jersey communities made it into the top 10: In seventh place, Somerset (107.8) and in ninth, Merchantville, (106.4). Cities, maybe not, but fast on their internet feet, definitely. And pity the residents of Stowe, Vermont, if they ever need to download something fast; they’re hampered by the slowest average internet speed (7.3). The national average is 59.5 megabits per second.