110 degrees F

July 28, 2020 | Number of The Day
Record high temperature for New Jersey: When was that?

Hot enough for you? Yesterday’s high of 96 degrees Fahrenheit qualifies as a sizzler, but the highest temperature ever in the wilted Garden State was 110 F, recorded in Reston on July 10, 1936. Keep in mind that AC was not the constant companion it is today, and the Reston record becomes even more unbearable. Are we in a heat wave? Yes, but in the Northeast, a heat wave is defined as three consecutive days when the temperature reaches or exceeds 90 F. The real worry is how many hot days we have to endure. According to the unnervingly named Killer Heat Interactive Tool from the Union of Concerned Scientists, New Jersey averages 16 above-90-degree days annually. The real problem, as detailed in NJ Spotlight, is what happens when that number starts to climb.

If you’re going out in the heat of the day, stay hydrated; wear loose, light-colored clothing; avoid strenuous activity; eschew alcohol, coffee and tea. If you’re taking your pooch, give them plenty of water to drink and remember that hot pavement can scorch those paws. Cats have too much sense to go out in weather like this.