Re-Inventing New Jersey’s Economy for the COVID-19 Age

Representatives from government, business and policy organizations discuss how the Garden State should face its new and longer-term economic challenges

The unprecedented COVID-19 challenges faced by New Jersey will require the state to profoundly reimagine its economy.

While the disruptions have been significant and many, it’s generally acknowledged that New Jersey’s immediate task of getting its economy back on track must be balanced with initiatives that cultivate long-term growth under the changed conditions imposed by COVID-19.

Among the state’s most pressing questions:

  • How must businesses adjust to accommodate COVID-induced changes to their basic models?
  • How can people who have been laid off find paths to re-entering the workforce?
  • How can social justice dimensions be addressed during an economic recovery?
  • What policies can the state enact that will help ensure New Jersey’s economic recovery?

On June 2, NJ Spotlight and NJTV News convened a virtual roundtable with government officials, business leaders, and policy advocates to explore how the state can adjust to its near-term economic challenges and build its path forward.


Tim Sullivan, CEO, New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA)

Michele Siekerka, President and CEO, New Jersey Business & Industry Association (NJBIA)

Brandon McKoy, President and CEO, New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP)

Christopher Geschickter, CCP, Head of Human Resources, Johnstone Supply



Rhonda Schaffler, NJTV News Business Correspondent