June 17, 2020 | Number of The Day
Inflation-adjusted cap on allowable individual contributions for next year’s governor’s race

The state Election Law Enforcement Commission has adjusted contribution levels and other money rules governing the 2021 race for governor to reflect inflation, lifting the level on allowable campaign donations by individuals by $600 to $4,900.

ELEC also elevated adjusted spending limits for gubernatorial candidates who want to quality for public funding, to a maximum of $7.3 million for primaries and $15.6 million for the general election. Abiding by those limits will entitle campaigns to receive $4.6 million in public funds for the primary and $10.5 million for the general election.

In each case, the adjustment is between 13% and 15% over the levels that prevailed in 2017.

The state’s election watchdog agency also approved similar adjustments for other elections, but those must be approved by the Legislature to take effect. On the gubernatorial adjustments, ELEC will hold a hearing in October and will then formally adopt the revisions before the end of the year.