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[Updated: April 17, 2021] Follow the progression of the disease, with case numbers by county and city, demographics and other metrics

On Saturday, New Jersey reported 975,704 total cases of COVID-19 — the disease caused by the novel coronavirus — since March 4, 2020, when the first case was identified in the state. That represents an increase of 3,714, or almost 0.4% over the total the state reported the previous day.

Of those, 855,759 were lab-confirmed by a PCR test, which looks for the presence of the genetic material specific to the virus and can detect it in small amounts early in an infection. The other 119,945 are considered likely cases found by antigen testing, which usually produces more rapid results and rarely produces false positives.

The rate of transmission was 0.91, staying steady from the previous day. About two weeks into the pandemic in the state, the RT was 5.31, meaning each infected person was spreading the virus to more than five other people.

Lab-confirmed deaths attributed to the virus increased by 40 to 22,542. Deaths are not always reported as confirmed on the same day in which they occur. Including 2,592 probable deaths, the total number believed to have died due to COVID-19 is now 25,134. This brings the state’s COVID-19 death rate to 2.8 per 1,000 people, the highest in the nation, with nearly 3% of all known cases in New Jerseyans having resulted in death. 

The number hospitalized on April 16 was 2,095, a decrease of 90 from the previous day. The number of patients on ventilators rose to 247 and the number in intensive care only declined to 199.

The rate of New Jerseyans who have tested positive for the virus is now nearly 110 in 1,000. Bergen County is the county with the most cases, 98,258 — which includes both lab-confirmed and antigen tests — followed by Essex County with 92,333. The greatest infection rate, though, is in Passaic County, where nearly 14 of every 100 residents has or had COVID-19. Essex County continues to have the greatest number of deaths, 2,845 total. 

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