February 14, 2020 | Number of The Day
M&Ms, the No.1 favorite Valentine’s Day candy among romantic New Jerseyans

Sweets for the sweet: That’s a failsafe sentiment for Valentine’s Day. But which sweets? According to those in the know at candystore.com, a bulk distributor of pretty much anything guaranteed to do in your pearly whites, M&Ms are in the sweet spot. But not just any M&Ms: We’re talking the Cupid’s Mix of Valentine’s Day colors and Cupid’s Message assortment, although there’s not much room for more than a short word on each candy. In second place, the tried-and-true heart-shaped box of chocolates (last year’s No. 1 favorite in the Garden State). And rounding out the top trio, Conversation Hearts — which have made a remarkable comeback, give that Necco, the original maker, shuttered its production facilities in 2018. They’ve been resurrected by Spangler Candy.

But there’s something essential missing from the new SweetHeart Conversation Hearts — the conversation. In a random opening of 10 boxes of SweetHearts (230.5 pieces), candystore.com found that 65% were completely blank, 24% had unintelligible markings, 8% had partial messages, and 3% were good enough to eat.

If you want to see this Conversation Hearts crisis for yourself …

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