January 13, 2020 | Number of The Day
New Jersey organ donors in 2019, most ever

After spending almost two years on the waiting list, Dawn Burke, 59, of Monmouth County received a life-saving lung transplant last year. Organ transplantation has increased by 38% in New Jersey over the past decade, according to the NJ Sharing Network, the federally designated nonprofit responsible for the recovery of organs and tissue in the state. And with 206 organ donors in 2019, it was the first time in a single year that donations exceeded 200. Those donations resulted in 601 transplanted organs. In addition to the 206 deceased organ donors, 173 New Jerseyans were living donors. And another 1,139 donors helped heal and improve the quality of life of those in need of tissue and eye transplants.

Nearly 4,000 Garden State residents are waiting for a life-saving transplant and every day approximately three people are added to the waiting list.