January 24, 2020 | Number of The Day
New Jersey residents who left college without completing their degrees

When Gov. Phil Murphy announced his Jobs NJ initiative last week, he said the goal was to have at least 25,000 additional adults enrolling and graduating with a high-quality credential by 2025, ultimately increasing the number of workers with the skills to succeed in today’s “innovation economy.”

Now comes news that New Jersey has been chosen for increased participation in the Degrees When Due program, a national initiative of the Institute for Higher Education Policy. The idea of the program is to help students who have some college credits to complete their degrees. There should be pent-up demand in the state for such a program. According to the state’s Office of the Secretary of Higher Education, 1 million residents left college without finishing their degrees.

Participating institutions will learn best practices for increasing adult completion and have access to resources in order to provide targeted support to re-engage students in their postsecondary studies.