January 16, 2020 | Number of The Day
Increase in NJ’s total gaming revenue in December 2019 compared with the previous December

New Jerseyans know well the ups and downs of the gaming industry; just ask any resident of Atlantic City how things changed there during the Great Recession. Some of us keep an eye on gaming revenues the way Kansans follow wheat futures. And why wouldn’t we, given the taxes the state can collect from the industry. For the month of December, total gaming taxes were $26 million, according to the latest numbers from the Division of Gaming Enforcement in the state Attorney General’s office.

Total gaming revenue for December was $287.3 million; that was 11.0% up on the December 2018 figure ($258.9 million). The total was made up of casino revenue ($208.6 million), which was down 0.2% from the same month in 2018. However, sports wagering ($29.4 million) was up more than 41% and internet gaming ($49.3 million) saw a 70% increase. Total gaming revenue for 2019 was $3.469 billion.