Pass EV Bill to Unleash Once-in-Generation Opportunity

Business and labor, community and faith-based, health and environmental groups join chorus with auto dealers and utilities urging, ‘Time is now. Pass the EV Bill S-2252/A-4819’
Pam Frank

Seize the day

When presented with an opportunity which will realize profound positive change, carrying ripple effects for the generations that follow, seize the day. A bill to set New Jersey on a course for clean electric transportation holds such promise. Pass S-2252/A-4819.

What’s at stake?

How we address the moment in which we find ourselves and the consequences of not seizing this opportunity will have significant consequences. Passing S-2252/A-4819 — a landmark bill to jump-start the transition to electric vehicles, delivers significant, once-in-a-generation benefits for New Jersey.

Passing this bill right now:

  1. Puts the state on a path to lower electric rates for everyone — savings whether or not you are an EV driver — and allows for massive savings otherwise spent on petroleum;
  2. Positions New Jersey to capture the related supply chain industry and businesses fostering economic growth for the state, before another northeastern state welcomes them first; and
  3. Provides the best opportunity we have ever seen to clean our air. Every mile driven in an EV is 70%-80% cleaner than a mile driven in a petroleum fueled car, truck or bus. It’s good for our environment, but also provides a significant boost for our health, particularly significant where urban traffic and congestion cause decidedly poor health outcomes from gas and diesel-powered engines.

Timing matters

And the time is now. The way we have been moving around for over a century is about to change drastically. Remember the internet, the iPhone? We are right on the edge of this happening for the automobile.

We’ve done our homework

The impact of the investment required to provide rebates for electric vehicles, and build the minimum amount of public, fast and convenient charging to ensure geographic coverage across New Jersey has been studied and quantified by ChargEVC. The news is good: We all save money. Similar studies in other states have supported these findings. Further, Rocky Mountain Institute, engaged by the state to determine least-cost pathways to meeting New Jersey’s energy needs and emissions reductions, has determined that not pursuing aggressive vehicle electrification will cost New Jersey billions of dollars more than we would otherwise spend in the least-cost pathway. That least-cost pathway includes lots and lots of electric vehicles.

This is a smart, strategic and timely investment in our future.

Consensus is growing

With such a wide and deep pool of benefits, it should be no surprise that this bill has the backing of so many different interest groups — including the New Jersey Coalition for Automotive Retailers (NJCAR), business and investor companies, labor, equity, community, faith-based and environmental groups, manufacturers, technology companies, health and consumer advocates, and utilities.

Now is the time

It is rare to see agreement across so many different stakeholders. As rare perhaps as this opportunity. New Jersey needs to seize it and seize it now.

Pam Frank is CEO of ChargEVC, a not-for-profit coalition of diverse stakeholders that includes retail automotive dealers, utilities, consumer and equity advocates, environmental and labor organizations and technology companies. To learn more, please visit ChargEVC’s “Legislative Action Center.

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