November 27, 2019 | Number of The Day
Total state DOT grants awarded to NJ towns under realigned aid cycle

A total of 542 municipalities in New Jersey will share in $161.25 million in grants for road, bridge, safety and quality-of-life improvements awarded by the state Department of Transportation for the coming year.

Last spring, the department announced that it was accelerating its grant cycle so awards could be made in November, to bring the schedule more in line with the calendar-year budgets that most local governments in New Jersey operate under. In the past, the awards had been announced in the spring, delaying the time that local officials could commit to their projects.

The Municipal Aid grant program for fiscal 2020 drew 661 applications from 546 different municipalities; awards were made to 545 projects in the 542 municipalities with winning applications.

The largest awards went to the state’s big cities: Newark will receive $2,910,884 for road preservation, $1,910,243 will go to Jersey City for similar work. Camden will get just over $1 million, also for road resurfacing.