October 24, 2019 | Number of The Day
Coronary heart disease, leading cause of death for NJ residents

According to the website NewJerseyLifeExpectancy, coronary heart disease was the chief cause of death for New Jerseyans of any age in 2017, killing 10,600 men and women. Lung cancer, the No. 2 cause, was responsible for a significantly smaller cohort, 3,556 all told. Stroke, the No. 3 cause of death, killed 3,464 people.

The average life expectancy for New Jerseyans is 80.28 years, slightly better than the national average of 78.86. Average life expectancy for men in the Garden State is 77.84 years (76.30 nationally). For women it’s 82.50 years (81.30 nationally).

New Jersey has the ninth-longest life expectancy in the United States. Hawaii is first (81.30); Connecticut, third (80.82); New York, sixth (80.48). Mississippi has the shortest life expectancy: 74.96 years.