September 17, 2019 | Number of The Day
NJ’s ranking on list of states with most-expensive college tuition

It’s no secret that going to college is a pricey proposition. But undergrads pursuing their sheepskin in the Garden State could have it much worse. Average annual in-state tuition is $16,583. Out-of-state students shell out $19,314 per year. Those numbers earn New Jersey the 15th slot on a ranking of states and Washington, DC, according to college tuition.

Rhode Island makes up for its diminutive size by collecting the biggest chunk for tuition: In-state tuition is $30,879; out of state, $33,908. In-state tuition in Pennsylvania, which ranks fifth, is $22,391, with out of state running $24,570. For New York, which ranks 10th, it’s $19,305 (in), $21,153 (out). In comparison, students pursuing their degree in big-sky country pay a mere pittance: Wyoming, which takes a budget-conscious final spot, charges $3,385 (in), $8,784 (out).

All these dollar amounts are of no consequence to students smart enough to get into Cornell Medical School and lucky enough to qualify for financial aid. The school announced yesterday that they’ll be getting a free ride; the cost of tuition, books, housing and food have all been waived.