September 10, 2019 | Number of The Day
New studies announced by NJ Center on Gun Violence Research

Addressing the national call for research into the causes of firearm violence, the New Jersey Center on Gun Violence Research at Rutgers University is launching eight new studies.

Among other topics, the research will explore correlations between reductions in spending on mental healthcare and crimes committed with guns; examine the effectiveness of existing laws and policies in preventing firearm violence; and look at whether the layout of school buildings can help prevent casualties.

The center has been financed in fiscal year 2019 with a $2 million appropriation from state funds through the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education. It is one of only two state-funded centers in the nation that conducts interdisciplinary research on the causes and consequences of gun-related violence, as well as solutions.

A portion of the grant will be used to fund the eight research projects:

  • When and why do owners carry guns?
  • How school buildings and campuses can prevent gun violence
  • Determining risk factors for gun-related deaths in New Jersey
  • Relationships between legal firearm availability and gun homicides
  • Mental health spending and violent-crime rates
  • Keeping police officers safe
  • How community violence affects perceived threats
  • How the Cambodian genocide sheds light on white supremacist extremism in the U.S.