September 12, 2019 | Number of The Day
CDC grant to help NJ fight overdose epidemic

New Jersey’s Department of Health (DOH) has received $7.4 million from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to address drug overdoses in the state. The money will be used to establish more robust links to care for individuals with substance use disorder with a focus on vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, homeless individuals and LGBTQ+ populations.

The DOH will also use some of the funding for Harm Reduction Centers of which there are seven in the state. Also known as Syringe Access Programs, they provide access to new syringes, overdose prevention education, the anti-overdose medication naloxone, as well as HIV and Hepatitis C testing.

In addition, the DOH will pass $4.3 million of the grant money to the Department of Law and Public Safety for use over a three-year period to fund programs and initiatives that advance the fight against the opioid crisis.