September 9, 2019 | Number of The Day
NJ’s ranking among states for quahog catch

Seafood is big business in New Jersey; the total seafood catch in the state for 2017 was 198.6 million pounds, placing New Jersey 10th in the country for its haul. New Jersey was Number One, for quahogs, those big-bodied hard-shelled clams that often are served stuffed or in chowder; 16.5 million pounds were landed here. The same year, the state ranked second for the amount of sea scallops landed (11 million pounds), second for Atlantic mackerel (2.8 million pounds), second for surf clams (18.3 million pounds), and second for squid (24.9 million pounds). The name “quahog” is said to come from the Native American name “poquauhock,” meaning horse fish.