September 27, 2019 | Number of The Day
Additional federal funding available for DOT projects in NJ

The state Department of Transportation will be able to tap an additional $100 million awarded by the Federal Highway Administration, according to a press release issued Thursday by the office of Gov. Phil Murphy.

The money will be used by the DOT to fund 29 projects in all but two of the state’s 21 counties, ranging from preventive bridge maintenance and improvements to pedestrian safety, intersection enhancements and capital projects that will ease congestion.

Ten of the projects are part of the Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program (TAP), which provides federal funds for community based “non-traditional” projects designed to strengthen the cultural, aesthetic, and environmental aspects of the nation’s intermodal system, according to the release.

In addition, DOT was able to include $3 million for recreational trails under the aegis of the state Department of Environmental Protection. It’s the largest amount in a single year for the program.