August 1, 2019 | Number of The Day
People in NJ who will be diagnosed with lung cancer in 2019

According to John Keith, health promotions director of the American Lung Association, an estimated 6,070 New Jersey residents will be diagnosed with lung cancer in 2019.

Approximately 3,390 will succumb to the disease this year he noted.

As part of World Lung Cancer Day on August 1, the American Lung Association in New Jersey is highlighting recent advancements that will save more lives.

Lung cancer death rates in the United States have decreased 11.5 percent since 2013, according to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We are excited to see that lung cancer deaths have decreased, but there is still so much more that we need to do to end this terrible disease,” said Keith. “Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer, so we encourage everyone to educate themselves and their loved ones about risks, early detection and symptoms.”

To learn more about lung cancer or to volunteer or donate, visit Lung.org.