Barchi by the Numbers: The Data on Tenure of Rutgers’ Outgoing President

Carly Sitrin, John Mooney | July 26, 2019 | Education
There’s sure to be no shortage of opinions pro and con concerning the ‘Barchi years’ at Rutgers University. Here’s what the numbers say

A great deal will be said in the coming weeks and months about the legacy of Rutgers President Robert Barchi, who announced last week that this will be his last year at the helm of the state’s flagship university.

But the numbers also tell a story, one that can be seen almost at a glance, concerning Barchi’s seven years at the three main campuses of Rutgers University — data derived from the state’s Department of Higher Education and the school itself.

[img-wide:/assets/19/0725/1712]Rutgers announced this week that tuition will rise again by about 2.9 percent for in-state undergraduates, crossing the $15,000-threshold for the first time. Coupled with a slight decline in room and board, the total bill, averaged across the three campuses, now tops $28,000 — according to the university.

[img-wide:/assets/19/0725/1715]The university has continued to grow significantly under Barchi, and now boasts over 46,000 full-time undergraduates — compared with slightly more than 40,000 in 2012.

[img-wide:/assets/19/0725/1717]The number of undergraduate degrees has grown in turn. More than 12,000 were awarded last year.

— Graphics by Vinny Caravano/NJTV News