Preparing High Schoolers for College and Career: NJ Spotlight Roundtable

Sue Henderson, president of New Jersey City University
Since the movement for education standards and testing took off in the 1980s and 1990s, the issue has centered on what exactly students should know and be able to do to succeed beyond high school. But that has been a moving target. Especially in recent years, the skills and knowledge expected of high school graduates have shifted.

How are schools and the state dealing with these changing expectations? What are the consequences for students who go to college? And could there be a better connection between K-12 education and New Jersey’s wide array of businesses and employers — from small family shops to major corporations?

Mike Cohen, president of Achieve Inc.
These questions were addressed in the second of NJ Spotlight’s 2019 “Defining the Diploma” series of roundtables. The June 18 discussion explored the perspective of colleges and universities and looked at private and public sector job paths for New Jersey graduates.

Keynote Conversation

Mike Cohen, president of Achieve Inc., Washington DC, discussed the past
quarter century for the standards movement in the country and how states are
addressing the resulting policy and political challenges. In conversation with
NJ Spotlight’s John Mooney.


Linda Eno, Assistant Commissioner, NJ Department of Education

Dr. Aaron Fichtner, President, New Jersey Council of County Colleges,
former New Jersey Labor Commissioner

Dr. Sue Henderson, President, New Jersey City University

Gene C. Waddy, Chief Executive Officer, Diversant


John Mooney, Education Reporter, NJ Spotlight

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