How Did ‘Union Guy’ Steve Sweeney Become Labor’s Public Enemy No. 1?

Meir Rinde | June 25, 2019 | Politics
Despite solid blue-collar cred, Senate president has few friends in the public-worker rank and file

Senate President Steve Sweeney during yesterday's interview with NJ Spotlight
Last month, New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney was at Rutgers University’s main campus in New Brunswick. He was there to hold a town hall meeting to discuss “The Path to Progress,” an ambitious cost-cutting plan that would seek to right New Jersey’s perilous finances by cutting the state’s generous public worker pension and health benefits. Sweeney talked up his own union membership to the audience.

“Yeah, guess what? I work for a union, and I’m very proud of it,” Sweeney said. “Very proud!”

Then he got up and left the stage, drowned out by a mostly hostile audience that was largely made up of union members.

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