May 9, 2019 | Number of The Day
NJ ranked as safest state to live alone

Living alone can be unnerving, with good reason. But folks flying solo in New Jersey can be a bit less edgy: The Garden State has been ranked the safest for living alone by ASecureLife, a website that’s been researching and reviewing the security industry since 2008.

Still, New Jersey’s top score doesn’t mean throwing caution to the winds. People who live alone are more likely to be burglarized than folks who share their homes with family or friends. The risk increases for people who work days, leaving houses and apartments empty — something burglars are sure to notice when they case a neighborhood.

ASecureLife suggests taking some commonsense precautions: Get a dog (a financial and emotional commitment); install a home security system; upgrade door and window locks; get to know your neighbors. Having someone who can check in on your house if you’re away is a great security measure.

So what’s the most dangerous state for living alone? Alaska.