Affordable Housing in NJ: What’s Next?

NJ Spotlight News | May 31, 2019 | Roundtables
The history and the possibilities of affordable housing in the Garden State: Watch livestream of NJ Spotlight’s roundtable on the issue

affordable housing
More than 250 New Jersey municipalities have finalized plans that detail how many affordable homes they are allotting within their borders and where these units could be built. Not all the proposed developments will happen. Towns are not obligated to build all the housing; they simply need to allow for its construction and it’s not clear how many may be built.

At an NJ Spotlight roundtable today, experts will look briefly at the history of the affordable housing issue in New Jersey — from the Mount Laurel decisions to the current court process — and dive deeply into:

  • Where we are today regarding the state’s need for more affordable homes;
  • How many more municipalities need to draft plans and how many units are planned?
  • How many homes are likely to be built? Where and when? Who’s going to pay for them?
  • What are the prospects of the state retaking control of the process?
  • Livestream of the roundtable, moderated by NJ Spotlight Editor at Large, Colleen O’Dea.