May 24, 2019 | Number of The Day
New Jerseyans expected to take a Memorial Day weekend getaway

Hibernation may be a sound option this weekend because it’s certainly going to be busy on New Jersey’s roads, at its airports, bus and train stations, ship terminals and anywhere people can get mobile. According to the American Automobile Association, (which has been monitoring our Memorial Day movements since the year 2000) just over 1 million New Jerseyans will be kicking off the summer travel season by taking a getaway this weekend.

Just like most Americans, Garden Staters with a yen to get going will do so in their cars: AAA says that 942,395 New Jerseyans (90.2 percent of the state’s travelers this weekend) will travel by automobile; brace yourselves for those turnpike rest stops, people! Another 72,880 (7 percent) will travel by plane; the rest (28,942, or 2.8 percent) will get to where they’re going by train, bus, ship, or — intriguingly — some “other mode” of transport.

The AAA, in collaboration with the transportation analytics company INRIX has taken some of the guesswork out of what’s in store for motorists. Apparently, “travel delays on major roads could be more than three [times] longer than normal during evening commutes.” And the answer to that is? See previous note on hibernation.