Lawmakers Hear From Officials About Teacher Shortage In New Jersey

State officials are working to address shortfalls in the ranks of math, science, bilingual-instruction, ESL and career and technical educators

Credit: NJTV News
There’s a teachers shortage in New Jersey. That’s according to data from the U.S. Department of Education.

On Thursday, the Assembly Education Committee heard testimony from educators from across the state on the topic of teacher shortages in key subject areas, an issue the state Department of Education says it’s looking to fix.

“We feel that there is a mismatch of supply and demand in the areas of math, science, bilingual education, English as a second language and career and technical educators,” said Diana Pasculli, deputy assistant commissioner of performance with the department.

To better understand the root of the shortage problem, Pasculli says the department will conduct an analysis of issues related to teacher certification in those high-demand areas.