May 13, 2019 | Number of The Day
New Jersey’s ranking among states that send students to Clemson University, SC

Never mind the Scarlet Knights; for more and more New Jerseyans, the team to root for is Clemson University’s Tigers, as the Garden State sends increasing numbers of undergraduates to the South Carolina institution. Along with South Carolina itself, the top states sending students to Clemson are its neighbors, Georgia and North Carolina. But in fourth place comes New Jersey which, according to the Greenville News, delivered more students to Clemson than “Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Michigan and Missouri combined in 2019.” Indeed, the News headlined its May 9 story on the influx, “Garden State South…”

In 2013, 430 New Jersey students opted for Clemson; this year, the number is 570, according to the Office of Institutional Research. Clemson isn’t the only South Carolina school to draw New Jerseyans; they’ve also been enrolling in greater numbers in the University of South Carolina.

Clemson director of admissions David Kuskowski said that among the reasons Garden State students give for selecting Clemson are to escape Northeastern winters and to get away from home but not too far away. Kuskowski also pointed out that other states don’t send as many students out of state for college as New Jersey does — because they have bigger scholarships and programs to keep students in-state.