May 7, 2019 | Number of The Day
Cost of an ounce of high-quality marijuana in New Jersey

As New Jersey’s cannabis legalization talks continue behind closed doors — and some speculate they may fall apart — people in the Garden State are still lighting up joints. According to federal government estimates, 22.2 million Americans have used marijuana in the past month. And depending on where you live and buy, the cost can be considerable.

The Oxford Treatment Center, a drug-addiction center based in Mississippi, this month used a crowd-sourced national price directory to compile the average price of high- and medium-quality marijuana for each state. They broke down prices for two amounts: one ounce and one “joint” (as defined by a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services study at 0.66 grams). The directory does not differentiate between prices for medical cannabis, legal cannabis, and illegal cannabis. When self-reporting prices, there is no place to clarify where or how the marijuana was purchased.

The national average price of one ounce of high-quality marijuana is reported at $326. In New Jersey, one ounce can set you back $344. The District of Columbia — where marijuana use is legal — is the most expensive by a significant margin, at $597.88. Two other high-price locations are North Dakota ($383.60) and Virginia ($364.89). These are places, the report authors note, where marijuana use is somewhat restricted: In D.C., although use is legal, it is illegal to purchase; in North Dakota it’s only legal for medical use; and in Virginia it’s not legal at any level. The three least expensive states for marijuana all allow legal recreational use: Oregon ($210.75), Washington State ($232.90), and Colorado ($241.74).

The national average cost for one ounce of medium-quality marijuana is $265.58. In New Jersey, an ounce would cost $299 on average.

For those looking to light up less than an ounce, one joint of high-quality weed costs $7.59 on average across the country. In New Jersey, a joint would set you back $8. The most expensive places for a high-quality joint are Washington, D.C. ($13.92), North Dakota ($8.93), and Virginia ($8.49).

For a joint of lesser quality, the national average price is $6.18; in New Jersey, it’s $6.95.