May 6, 2019 | Number of The Day
NJ’s ranking among states for highest average salaries of public school teachers in 2017-2018

New Jersey ranked among the top tier of the states for the average salary of its public school teachers in 2017-2018; it came in sixth with an average salary of $69,917. That’s according to the latest analysis of various educational measurements (in the 50 states and the District of Columbia) by the National Education Association. The top five states were New York ($84,227), California ($80,680), Massachusetts ($80,357), District of Columbia ($76,486) and Connecticut ($74,517). At the bottom of the rankings were Mississippi ($44,926), West Virginia ($45,642), Oklahoma ($46,300), New Mexico ($47,152), and South Dakota ($47,631).

The NEA found that the U.S. average one-year change in public school teacher salaries from 2016–2017 to 2017–2018 was 1.58 percent. The largest one-year decrease was in Nevada (-0.7 percent), and the largest one-year increase was in Arkansas (4.6 percent).