April 19, 2019 | Number of The Day
Ranking of black licorice on list of NJ’s favorite jellybean flavors

Yet another way to divide people into two groups is by whether they love or loathe black jellybeans. According to candystore.com, Garden State residents are firmly in the first category, preferring black licorice beans over 21 other flavors. Unfortunately, New Jersey is tracking a trailing trend: Black licorice was the No. 1 bean nationally two years ago, slipping to second place last year and coming to rest in the third slot this time around. Peach and cherry fill out the state’s top three choices. Buttered popcorn is the country’s favorite flavor.

A few more factoids: Six million jellybeans are manufactured just for the Easter season, enough to reach one-third of the way to the moon. National Jelly Bean Day falls on April 22 this year, if you need another reason for risking sugar shock.

Candystore.com, which seems to aggregate information on anything bad for your teeth, has also put together a ranking of the 10 worst Easter candies, according to 23,000 people surveyed. The first entry on the list was Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy; number eight, Hershey’s carrot-cake-flavored Kisses. The seventh slot was taken by chocolate crucifixes, which probably deserve a special award for being in the worst taste possible. And the pinnacle of unpopularity? Cadbury Creme Eggs, which can melt into “goo” while folks are working on their sugar fix.