Former Christie Aide Bridget Kelly Resentenced, Calls Christie ‘A Bully’

Originally sentenced to 18 months in prison for her part in the Bridgegate scandal, Kelly will serve 13 months

Ex-aide to former Gov. Chris Christie, Bridget Kelly, was resentenced in Newark on Tuesday for her involvement in the Bridgegate scandal.

A federal judge ruled that Kelly will serve 13 months for plotting to cause traffic jams near the George Washington Bridge to punish the Fort Lee mayor who had refused to endorse Christie for re-election.

Kelly was convicted in November 2016 on charges including wire fraud and civil rights violations. She was initially sentenced to 18 months in prison. But last fall, a federal appeals court tossed some of the counts against Kelly while upholding the most serious charges.

Following Wednesday’s hearing, Kelly and her lawyer spoke about her resentencing, blaming Christie for her missteps.

‘The truth will be heard’

“The fact that I am here, in place of others in the Christie administration, and the governor himself, does not prove my guilt. It only proves that justice is not blind,” Kelly said.

“Chris Christie was allowed, without rebuttal from anyone, to say out of one side of his mouth that I was a low-level staffer, a woman only good enough to plan menus and invite people to events; then say out of the other side of his mouth that I was somehow powerful to shut down the George Washington Bridge. There is only one person — only one — and he was powerful enough to approve this act.”

“Mr. Christie, you are a bully, and the days of you calling me a liar and destroying my life are over. The truth will be heard. And for the former governor, that truth will be unescapable, regardless of lucrative television deals or even future campaigns. I plan to make sure of that,” she added.

Kelly is set to begin serving her sentence in July. She will also have to pay more than $14,000 in restitution and fines.