Rep. Tom Malinowski Reacts To Mueller Report

Michael Aron, NJTV News | April 19, 2019 | Politics
First-term Democrat says U.S. Attorney General Barr lied in pre-release assessment of Special Prosecutor’s report

U.S. Rep. Tom Malinowski sat down with Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron yesterday to discuss the release of the Mueller report, his upcoming bid for re-election and the issues he’s focused on addressing in Congress.

“It’s pretty extraordinary,” said the first-term Democrat, of the Mueller report. “It absolutely clearly lays out, [Trump] fired the FBI director, he tried to fire Mueller, he tried to stop a Justice Department investigation. Forget about protecting himself. He did this to stop an investigation into a foreign adversary’s attack on the United States.”

Malinowski gave a blistering attack on Attorney General William Barr’s assessment of the report.

“I think this morning he lied several times to the American people. I found it disgraceful. We absolutely, desperately need a Justice Department above all other departments in the U.S. government to be above politics.”

Turning to politics

On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. announced his run for Congress in the 7th District, making him the first potential Republican challenger to Malinowski’s seat.

“I’m 100-percent focused on doing my job,” said Malinowski. “…anybody running in the 7th District had better have answers to some pretty simple questions: What are you going to do about the fact that the number-one cause of bankruptcy in the United States is people getting sick and not being able to afford healthcare? We have a 110-year-old tunnel between New Jersey and New York that Gov. Christie had a chance to replace and utterly failed and we’re now trying to fix. We have multiple crises in this country that require our attention, and if all you’re going to do is repeat national Republican talking points that sound like you want the voters of the 7th District to go back to what they just rejected, that’s not going to work.”

He also elaborated on his focus to combat white supremacy.

“Every single synagogue in my district has armed security,” he said. “It’s because of what happened in Pittsburgh, what happened in Christ Church. This is the number-one source of terrorist attacks against Americans everywhere in our country and our district is not immune. We have had swastikas in public-school bathrooms. We have had flyers go up in suburban towns in Somerset County urging people to come and defend the white race. Do you think I should tell people in the 7th District that there’s nothing to worry about? This is a very, very serious threat, and outrageous that the administration refuses to call these acts terrorism.”