Murphy Slams NJ Transit Explanation for Stranding Wrestling Fans

Transit agency said event at MetLife Stadium ran way over schedule; governor calls that response ‘dog-ate-my homework unacceptable’

Credit: Amanda Murphy
Gov. Phil Murphy.
It was like Super Bowl 48 all over again.

WrestleMania fans at MetLife Stadium got a taste of transit mayhem after the mayhem in the ring was all done on Sunday, waiting for hours in the rain for too few NJ Transit trains at Secaucus Junction into the early hours of Monday morning.

NJ Transit said that WrestleMania 35, the Super Bowl of professional wrestling, ran way past the time WWE officials had told them it would end, causing scheduling problems with trains. The agency apologized for what it called “extended exiting time.”

Noting the lack of information at the station, Gov. Phil Murphy called it “completely, utterly, dog-ate-my-homework unacceptable,” adding, “I’ll be damned if it happens again.”

Murphy was scheduled to meet with NJ Transit executive director Kevin Corbett to discuss what went wrong and how to avoid a repeat.