NJ Activist Mejia Signs on as Political Director of Sanders Campaign

NJTV News | February 21, 2019 | Politics
Executive director and grassroots organizer eager for chance to advance New Jersey’s agenda on national level

Analilia Mejia, executive director of New Jersey Working Families, has signed on with Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in a big way. She’s taken the post of political director.

This isn’t Mejia’s first venture with Sanders. She was a Bernie delegate in 2016, and describes her new role as a “dream gig.” She also characterizes as “incredible” to chance to “push an agenda” on the national level that her organization has successfully advanced in New Jersey.

“I think,” she added, “that for myself, for working families, for activists across the state and in the nation, it’s validation that activism and getting engaged at the grassroots level is as powerful and impactful.”

At the same time, Mejia doesn’t believe that her move will leave a vacuum in the state’s grassroots efforts, citing “dozens of organizations” that have sprung up since Working Families was established 10 years ago — or were active before her group came into being. They’ll continue to lobby and turn out in numbers when needed.

“I think the amazing thing about New Jersey is that we have a vibrant, engaged electorate,” Mejia commented. “I am certain that the movement is going to flourish and take even deeper hold.”

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