February 14, 2019 | Number of The Day
Pounds of Valentine’s Day conversation hearts sold in NJ

Sweets for the sweet is all well and good, but is the Garden State over the top when it comes to Valentine’s Day candy? According to CandyStore.com, New Jerseyans buy an average of 57,764 pounds of candy conversation hearts when Cupid lets his arrows fly. M&MS are not far behind, at 52,393 pounds, while heart-shaped boxes of chocolates weigh in at 38,520 pounds. (Figures are for 11-year weighted averages for sales between January 1 and February 14.)

But there’s a sad side to New Jersey’s sweet tooth: The state’s favorite confection — Sweethearts candy conversation hearts — can’t be had for love or money. The manufacturer shuttered its factories in 2018. It’s not likely that gummy bears will do in a pinch.