January 31, 2019 | Number of The Day
Percent of NJ adults who said they had “a great deal” of stress

Just over one-fourth of New Jersey adults (27 percent) responding to a Rutgers Center for State Health Policy poll reported having “a great deal” of stress in the previous month, while 44 percent reported “some stress.” As for high stress, it turns out we mirrored the national rate (26 percent). However, far fewer people nationally reported experiencing “some stress” in the previous month than New Jersey residents. Stress, of course, can make a big difference to people’s health and well-being, particularly chronic stress.

You’re not going to get a Nobel for figuring out the greatest source of stress for the New Jerseyans. Yes, that would be not having enough money to pay bills; 22 percent of respondents felt the weight of that worry. This was closely followed by those who were stressed out by not having enough time (21 percent). Job-related stress (18 percent) came after that — both at-work stress and the stress caused by looking for a job. Other sources of stress were family members (15 percent), family member health (15 percent), and personal health (11 percent).

The breakdown by income is intriguing. While high-income respondents reported the highest levels of “some stress,” middle-income respondents reported the highest levels of “a great deal” of stress, perhaps underlining the financial strain on many in the middle class.