January 17, 2019 | Number of The Day
New Jersey’s grade on list of best places to raise children

If you need something good about New Jersey to start off the New Year, consider this: The Garden State has earned a B+ on the Chance-for-Success Index from Education Week, making it one of the two best states in the country to raise your kids. New York, which earned the only A- awarded, was in the top spot.

The Chance-for-Success Index folds together key family, education, and economic indicators across three broad categories: early foundations, school years, and adult outcomes. Among those indicators are family income; parental employment and education; preschool and kindergarten enrollment; math and reading scores in select grades; high school graduation; and adult education, income, and steady employment levels.

Four states earned a B+ grade: New Jersey (89.1), New Hampshire (88.8), Connecticut (87.4), and Minnesota (87.0). New Mexico was at the bottom of the rankings, with a D+.

The country as a whole was graded C+ for Chance for Success, with a score of 79.0, slightly higher than the 78.5 it earned in 2018.

The Chance-for-Success Index is included in the first of three Quality Counts reports being rolled out by Education Week in 2019.