Top Reports: What a Major Audit Revealed About NJ Transit’s Deficiencies

John Reitmeyer | December 28, 2018 | Transportation, Winter 2018
Gov. Phil Murphy ordered a major review of the beleaguered agency. The results clarified the daunting challenges it faces

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In this series, we’re highlighting important reports of relevance to the state’s problems and future for you to read while we at NJ Spotlight are on our annual winter break.

One of the biggest issues Gov. Phil Murphy has had to deal with during his first year in office has been the continued troubles at New Jersey Transit. In October, his administration accepted a major audit of the mass-transit agency that laid bare many of the worst problems.

The review by consulting firm North Highland highlighted NJ Transit’s declining reliability, lax communications with riders, and an overall lack of vision and planning. The auditors also pointed the finger at poor asset management and an “inadequate, uncertain, and unsustainable” revenue stream.

Some steps have been taken to improve things since the audit was made public, including Murphy’s recent signing of a major reform bill that — among other things — will expand the size of NJ Transit’s governing board, which the audit had recommended. The agency is also exploring ways to better leverage its real-estate holdings under another recently enacted state law, a move that’s also in line with audit recommendations.

Still left unresolved, though, is how to address the agency’s finances as boosts in both operating and capital aid that Murphy has authorized are not expected to be enough to fully address NJ Transit’s shortcomings.

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