December 21, 2018 | Number of The Day
CPAs in New Jersey who support raising minimum wage but not to $15

New Jersey’s accountants are in agreement: The state’s minimum wage should be raised. Just not to $15 an hour. A new survey released by the New Jersey Society of certified public accountants (NJCPA) shows that just over 55 percent of the 1,204 accountants polled supported a minimum wage hike even without exemptions for seasonal or teenage workers. However, 63 percent of those same accountants said raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would hurt New Jersey’s economy even if it happened gradually over a period of years.

Gov. Phil Murphy has been pushing for a $15 minimum wage since his time on the campaign trail but his efforts fizzled as he was unable to reach a breakthrough with the Legislature before the end of the year. Senate President Steve Sweeney told reporters this week that he thinks “we’re close on minimum wage,” but there is still much to be discussed concerning carveouts for some groups, including seasonal and teen workers.