Cape May County Launches New Tool to Help People Prepare for Tidal Flooding

WHYY News | December 20, 2018 | Energy & Environment
GIS-based system will indicate potential arrival of floods, track water levels, and identify areas most likely to be hit

Credit: Zeke Orzech/@Zeke_O via Twitter
Tidal flooding in Stone Harbor, February, 2016
Cape May County has a new tool to help residents, business owners, and government decision-makers prepare for tidal flooding.

The Cape May County Office of Emergency Management’s flood risk mapping system shows the flood risk on streets and neighborhoods in near real-time as storms are brewing.

The system, which officials say is the first of its kind to be offered by any New Jersey county emergency management office, will allow anyone to track water level gauges and identify areas that are likely to flood. The GIS-based tool indicates a flood’s potential arrival time and then its impact over the following four days. It will be available to the public early in 2019.

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