Warehouse Workers Rally for Better Conditions

NJTV News | December 13, 2018 | More Issues
A new report says workers in warehouses face constant pressure to meet the demands of faster delivery in unsafe environments

Warehouse workers are calling on the state to implement a code of conduct to change how employees in the industry are treated. It includes a $15 minimum wage, safer work conditions and more full-time jobs.

Workers, union representatives and Newark Mayor Ras Baraka rallied yesterday to highlight conditions for the workers who, according to a newly released report by Warehouse Workers Standup, face constant pressure to meet the demands of faster delivery in unsafe work environments.

“Thousands of warehouse workers face a deepening crisis in low wages, unsafe work conditions and unstable part-time and temporary employment,” said Alberto Arroyo, co-manager of Workers United.

“Just last week, dozens of workers at Amazon’s massive Robbinsville warehouse were sickened after a robot punctured a canister of bear repellent, sending 24 people to the hospital,” said Arroyo. “In October, a warehouse worker from Perth Amboy died after falling 35 feet from a cargo lift — terrible.”

Workers at the rally said big-name companies are making a profit off their lack of safety. “One of my co-workers lost a finger because the machine was not working, so his finger got stuck,” said warehouse worker Marirmen Molina.

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